1. Guidelines for Helmet Diving
    Annex I- Waiver and Release from liability
    Annex II- Environmental Guidelines no. 23
    Annex III- Equipment for Pleasure Craft
    Annex IV- Written Log Book
    Annex V- Incident Report Form
    Annex VI- Code of Conduct​
  2. Guidelines for Parasailing Activities
    Annex A - Disclaimer Form Parasailing
    Annex B - Incident Report Form Parasailing
    Annex C - Emergency Procedures Parasailing
    Annex D -Items of  Equipment for pleasure crafts
    Annex E - Code of Conduct Parasailing
    Annex F - Log Book Parasailing
  3. Guidelines for NightClub
  4. Guidelines for Private Club​
  5. Guidelines for Pub
  6. Guidelines for Table d'Hote​
  7. Guidelines for Towing Activities
    Annex A - Disclaimer Form
    Annex B - Code of hand signals
    Annex C - Beaufort
    Annex D - Code of Conduct
    Annex E - u/s turn
    Annex F - Safety tips
    Annex G - Log Book Towing
    Annex H - Incident Report Form Towing
    Annex I - Emergency Procedures Towing

  8. General Standards for Adventure Related Ecotourism Activities